Electric Cars


Electric Vehicle success is increasing day by day since the mid of 2010s. Sales of Electric vehicles are breaking previous years of record, especially for light-duty vehicles, buses, and smaller vehicles such as three-wheelers, mopeds, kick-scooters, and e-bikes.

Automotive industry has become one of the most important world-wide industries, not only at economic level but also in scope of research and development. The World Continues in the search of clean power source to run Millions of Vehicles around the world. Toxic Emissions from the vehicles are the main source of Air Pollution, and have a bleak outcome on the Human Health. Since the advent of the industrial revolution, the environmental stress caused by fossil fuel combustion from the automotive has increased to such as extent that oceans are experiencing a decline in pH value, and some species are at the risk of extinction. With the advancement of electric vehicles around the world and their impact on environment has been already proven. Electric vehicles are connected with green technologies and a reduction in greenhouse emissions due to their low emissions of greenhouse gases and fuel-economic benefits over gasoline and diesel vehicles.

According to one of the reports of European Union nearly 28% of carbon dioxide Emission, is due to transportation Industry, to overcome these figures Electric Vehicles are one of the Best Options. Which has very harmful impacts on climate and in order to protect it Electric Vehicles are the best source.

Electric Vehicles market is continuously increasing due to several aspects such as pollution reduction and fuel cost. There low fuel consumption as compared to other Auto Vehicles Is one of the main factor for their market around the Globe.


Electric vehicles are experiencing a rise in popularity over the past few years as the technology has matured and costs have declined, by different Automotive companies and the support for clean transportation has promoted awareness, increased charging opportunities. Automotive Industry comprises of large number of Companies that are now making Electric Vehicles around the World i.e. Nissan (Leaf), Renault (Zoe), BMW(i3), VW (e- Golf), Tesla (Model S) etc.

Despite all the advancement in electric vehicles there is still very less number of these vehicles, even in European countries like Uk, USA. And the main reasons are discussed below.

First There is lack of a sufficient refueling Station that has hampered many past efforts to promote alternatives to petroleum fuels. Second Due to High Price of EV in the Market. Third and most important is the trust issue among the people and their concern regarding the advancement of Technologies in automotive Industry, the poor performance of early electric Vehicles in the Market have also led low patronage by users. Cost of these Vehicles is also a determining factor that people have less interest in these Vehicles.

In 2017 Trinidad and Tobago have its first Electric Vehicles On the Road, it was an electric bus that was possible due to the partnership by University of Trinidad and Tobago and European Union. Since then there are just a handful of Electric Cars in Trinidad and Tobago, Some Roll on Roll off car dealers import them Individually. On the other hand, large number of Hybrid cars can be seen easily on the Roads. Due to the lack of Interest by T&T Govt.  no infrastructure for Electric Vehicles available in country. No clear policy for the EV is given by T&T Govt.

The electric vehicle market has seen many false dawns, but an electrified future for transportation is now within reach. Electric Vehicles are the Future. The new generation of high performance electric cars might soon become the latest choice of car for buyers around the globe.