Car Industry Future


For more than a century, the inhabitants of Europe  and other Western nations ruled the field of the best vehicles. Whether it's the funny sound of a Volkswagen shutting the door or the beauty of Italy's Ferrari, these brands have been very lucrative for themselves and their makers.

              Also, when we talk about strength, the Germans and later the Japanese are at the forefront. But if these companies remain satisfied with their past achievements, a big and surprising change will soon be upon them.

               China has made rapid progress. Don't assume that they will make more cars in the future, it is already the largest car maker in the world. It has been more than a decade since they surpassed the Americans in the annual car manufacturing industry.

But despite crossing this milestone in 2008, Chinese cars are still nothing more than modest Western cars.

How does Beijing have the upper hand?

By the end of the 19th century, the best automotive industrial center had moved from Europe to the United States, with the city of Detroit becoming the world's leading carmaker.After flying to Japan and South Korea in the 1980s and 1990s, Europe once again took the lead, with Volkswagen and Toyota vying for the number one spot.Each continent took on a different color, Europe in terms of security arrangements, the United States in terms of numbers, and Japan took innovative steps to produce cheaper vehicles.

As a result, much better and more sophisticated vehicles were produced, and soon the streets of China, like Europe, began to be flooded with vehicles.

But if China is to become the world's number one carmaker, it can do even better. The goal of any car manufacturing country is to produce vehicles that are of excellent quality, as affordable as possible and at the same time a source of happiness for the owners due to innovative measures in their system and structure.    

                   In terms of strength, Japanese and Korean cars are superb, while German-made cars are unmatched in beauty, and the likes of Rolls-Royce and Bentley make it more comfortable for the UK. Both companies are owned by the Germans.

Having recently matured in this art, China is now a threat to the world on both fronts: like any new nation that learns the art of large-scale vehicle manufacturing, it will benefit from these technical experiments and more. There are those who have already been in this field.

Consider an example of how many car factories in the United States were set up in the 1950s or earlier.
Sales of the Polyester 2's Electric Support Utility Vehicle (SUV) have repeatedly surpassed the Tesla Model 3 in Sweden and Norway, although overall the Tesla 3 is ahead in terms of sales.

              A comparison of the cars that are being built in both the West and China makes a lot clear. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y were developed separately in both the US and China, but according to European owners, the Chinese version is better.

Among other things, the IX3, like Polyester and Tesla, is taking advantage of China's excellent export system for EV batteries.
Despite all this, Chinese-designed and manufactured vehicles are not even behind, if not equal in structure, and have now begun to introduce their coin into European markets. Xpeng is a new Chinese company that only manufactures electric vehicles. Following a good response in China, it is heading to Europe, where it will launch with its G3 model in Norway.

              The next revolution in the automotive industry is the replacement of petrol and diesel vehicles with electric vehicles. All this is in China's interest and it can lead the revolution and ultimately become the world's best carmaker.

               Trinidad and Tobago cars import from Japan, Thailand and Europe . Main Trinidad cars market are Japanese vehicles. These  cars for sale in trinidad, middle class of the country, last five year a lot of hybrid cars was imported from japan because there was no duty on less then 1500cc vehicles . These cars was  imported  by Foreign used cars dealers in Trinidad and new cars dealer in trinidad both. Eclectic cars was hardly imports and the country has not infrastructure for these cars. In the coming years we can expect a boom in electric cars . like other chinese product, in future car market will shift from japan to china