Caribbean Finance Company LTD

M. Hussain Tarar

Private Vehicles:

Private Vehicles-10% Down payment required

  1.   Up-dated Job Letter
  2.   Up-dated Pay slip
  3.   Two (2) forms of Valid ID
  4.   Last three (3) month bank statement &/ or any other Financial Statement
  5.   Up-dated Utility Bill
  6.   BIR Number
  7.   Quotation for cost of Insurance for vehicle being purchased


Commercial Vehicles:

For commercial vehicles- 15%-20% down payment required

Requirements for Sole Trader

  1. Two 2 Forms of Valid ID
  2.   Up-Dated Utility Bill
  3.   Certificate of Registration
  4.   BIR Number
  5.   Proof of income (Receipts, Bills, invoices)
  6.   Last 3-month bank statement&/ any other Financial Statement (personal account OR business account)

Requirements for Companies

  1.   Notice of Directors
  2.   Recent Annual Returns
  3.   Certificate of Incorporation
  4.   Vat Certificate
  5.   Company’s BIR Number
  6.   Last 3-month Bank statements
  7.   Last Audit/Unaudited Financial Statements
  8.   Contracts
  9.   Up-dated Utility Bill
  10.   Two forms of valid ID (for each director)