M. Hussain Tarar

Toyota launched the all-new Yaris Cross in Japan on August 31, 2020. The Yaris Cross redefines the conventional notion of a compact SUV and offers new value. The brand-new Toyota Yaris from 2023 is a small sedan with innovative features that are ideal for today's lifestyle even in Trinidad and Tobago. The Toyota Yaris Cross is available in different models including GX, GXL, Urban and GR Sport. These model's redesign offers drivers superb visibility, total interior comfort, and breathtaking views from every aspect. It is the ideal choice for compact families and first-time automobile owners.

The Toyota Yaris Cross maintains the agile handling, cutting-edge security and safety technology, and exceptional fuel efficiency of the Yaris series while adding new value as an urban-type compact SUV that not only offers convenience but is also infused with the individuality and lifestyle of the driver and its passengers. The solidity and presence particular to an SUV are depicted by its well-balanced and elegant dimensions.

The roll on roll off Toyota Yaris Cross was available for import from Japan to Trinidad in 2023 to dealers of roll on roll off and foreign used cars. The highly renowned Toyota Yaris Cross roll on roll off SUV's most recent edition is now available at Pak Trading Company Limited's storeroom located at 118 Union Road Marabella in south Trinidad.

The Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid has undergone significant improvements since the original model, and we are confident that both long-time Toyota buyers and new Toyota buyers searching for a good compact sedan in Trinidad and Tobago will find the Toyota Yaris Cross to be the ideal fit for their needs in terms of both style and practicality, since the Toyota Yaris Cross Trinidad is available in a variety of colors, including blue, white, gold, and silver.

The Toyota Yaris Cross in Trinidad is very affordable in terms of price in comparison to other SUV’s on the market and very economical with gas consumption. The consumption of gas for this Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid is comparable to that of a car (Fuel economy is 54.3-64.1 mpg). Secondly, considering the roads that exist in Trinidad and Tobago, the Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid is taller than other SUVs and has a high-riding attribute that may provide a pleasant ride for the customer.