M. Hussain Tarar

Toyota introduced the all-new Yaris Cross to the Japanese market on August 31, 2020, ushering in a fresh interpretation of the compact SUV concept and delivering enhanced value. Meanwhile, the 2023 Toyota Yaris sedan, tailored to contemporary lifestyles, debuts in Trinidad and Tobago, boasting innovative features. Available in GX, GXL, Urban, and GR Sport variants, the redesigned Yaris Cross ensures optimal visibility, interior comfort, and panoramic vistas, catering to small families and novice drivers alike.

Retaining the agile maneuverability, advanced safety features, and commendable fuel efficiency of its predecessors, the Yaris Cross elevates the urban compact SUV category by seamlessly integrating convenience with personal flair. Its refined proportions exude SUV robustness while maintaining an air of sophistication.

Roll on Roll off to Trinidad's shores in 2023, the Toyota Yaris Cross, facilitated through Japan's roll on roll off system, becomes accessible to dealers of imported and pre-owned vehicles, such as Pak Trading Company Limited in Marabella. With enhancements over its predecessors, the Yaris Cross Hybrid aims to satisfy both loyal and prospective Toyota buyers in Trinidad and Tobago, offering a blend of style and functionality, complemented by a diverse color palette.

Distinguished by its competitive pricing and impressive fuel efficiency, the Toyota Yaris Cross stands out in Trinidad's SUV market, boasting a hybrid system that rivals conventional car fuel consumption rates (achieving 54.3-64.1 mpg). Its elevated stature promises a smoother ride on the country's varied road conditions, enhancing customer satisfaction.